Monday, July 12, 2010

sorry for the long wait, everyone. i have been busy or lazy. mostly busy :-)
and i still have a few people on my list, but i ran out of the green paper. i will get new one and work myself through the list as fast as possible. for the future, i will try and always send them right away.

the links are at:

...and others, that i didnt archive right. if you miss yourself in the list, please let me know, ill include you asap.

looking forward to getting more mail from everyone! may the summer never end!

Friday, May 22, 2009

thank you marcel for throwing my works into the ffffound pool.

and thanks daniel for linking me at .

neil from england also linked my blog. thanks!

and this is for matzes freundin weil sie sooo leckeren kuchen macht.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Here is some recordsheets... sorry for the waiting...

thanks to the following people for posting my work at the following places in the worldverywideweb:

caroline at
niko at
casey at her flickr
manuel at
martina at
the guys at
and michelle at her

THANK YOU. i promise, it wont ever take that long again. its so much fun to draw them.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

matthias linked me on the brandherd website. thanks for that and thanks for all the other stuff.
(i still have like eight cards to draw... sorry... theyre on the way...)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this load of postcards goes out to: lotta in finland and to christian (posted me at ) and sven (check out his store at ) and katharina, who posted my mother-blog at whole bunch of places, for example or
and a special THANK YOU to paul, who was so kind to help me to maybe get some illustration-jobs sometimes, in a huge company...

thank you all for the links. postcards go out tomorrow. i hope you like them.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

schale means shell. and malte means kopfbunt.

the thing about yes and no is on its way to milano in italy. thank you very much, gianfranco.

and... last one for today... my good old alex. landlord and master of animation. keeper of the line and muscular pen-killer. i hate goddamn zeppelins. they better never come to berlin. i hate them hate them hate them. might all zeppelins of the world burn in hell (without the passengers, of course. they are ok.) and never come back! the best place for zeppelin-haters is

a friendly QUWRZBLLNW! to matt in england who linked me at his blog.

samantha is from new york city in the us of a. she and her friend (right?) have a blog and do good looking things. and they have subscribed the overspray-magazine, were i was featured. so they found this and got one.

natalia likes coco rosie. they have a line about "tears and ships".

animals and humans hug and love each other. man. i can only think of such things on a sunday. thanks to robin and his blog.

billy is a cat. and her owners daughter (right?) has her space at myspace and likes to get postcards from strangers :-)

oh. this card goes to hungary. someone there has symathy with the ex-boyfriend of a girl that never existed. thank you nora!

the one with the open throat, were the drops jump out, is on its way to lotta in finnland. my brother is in finnland at the moment.

and the postcard with the headcastle is for ephemera. he linked me at thanks.
anne from berlin linked me at her website thank you very much, here is your recordsheet-post-card. it will be in your mail on tuesday. or maybe monday. definitly not today, since its sunday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

sara has this internetradio on myspace. and she posted a card on it. and the mighty superlord says law forces me to draw her a hair-vampire that bites his hosts head and loads of blood come out.
i wish i could have drawn something else. sorry but thanks.

joachim is an optimistic journalist from hamburg. here is his site.
the other card goes to jennifer. thank you both very much.

steve has a myspace-profile
and fiene is doing fine arts. you can see her works at her website. thank you!
check out franks cool website. i couldnt believe it!